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What’s Your Favorite Movie?

Next up in our unique summer event ideas we will look at ways to elevate and host a unique movie night. Movies are a great way to entertain a group of people while being able to relax yourself. Grab some snacks, some friends or family, and theme up a unique movie night experience.

What kind of movie night would you host? Movie Premier night including your own version of a red carpet and photo op? Maybe a ‘Who Done It’ night packed with mystery movies and notebooks to keep clues and see who figured it out first? 

Here at Papel Couture our products provide you with unique and interesting ways to elevate any occasion. Choose from our wide variety of ready made product our reach out to us today for a custom design request. There are so many ways to add flare to your event that goes above and beyond the party stores. Still have some questions? No worries you can contact us anytime!

Movie Night Inspirations

Floral Wall Design 1 - Décor

Designer Backdrops

Give your guests a focal point to take that 'red carpet' photo at your movie preimer night.
Our custom laser cut Tyvek® wall decor floral design backgrounds are the perfect accent for any room. These unique floral design wall hangings make an excellent focal point to bring together your theme.
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NYC Skyline at Night - Epic Noir Notebooks

Epic Noir Notebooks

Give your friends each a custom journal to keep track of the clues in the movie.
Our custom laser cut Epic Noir Notebooks are an exquisitely hand crafted and assembled unique small journal. Check out the several ready made options or you can request a custom order!
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