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Want to spice up your backyard barbecues?

Papel Couture in known for our products unique and intricate laser cutting techniques. If we don’t have something in our current readily available products reach out to us to see how we can help bring your custom design to life. There are so many ways to add flare to your event that goes above and beyond the party stores. Still have some questions? No worries you can contact us anytime!

Next up in our unique summer event ideas we will look at ways to elevate those backyard barbecue gatherings. You got the food, the grill, the cool drinks and now all you need is some guests to make your event a success.

Add a little fun into your event with a creative icebreaking game. Using the wide variety of blank business cards we offer, you can have fun and give them something to remember the night. 

How does it work? Give each guest a blank card and have them write a fun and interesting fact about themselves. Scatter these cards around the event and encourage each person to pick up a card once everyone is gathered, have each person read the fact on the card they picked up and learns who wrote it.

Backyard Barbecues

Business Card Blanks

Blank Business Cards

With a variety of colors and designs you can create a fun getting to know you game for your guests.
Our luxurious laser cut cards are created from reclaimed paper and each pack from a medley of colors. For darker papers, use silver pens to enhance readability.
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Bird Tree - Invitation/Greeting Card

Unique Invitations

Give your guest a bit of playful whimsy with these customer laser cut invitations to elevate your event
Weddings aren't the only occasions for special invitations. Turn your barbecue into the event of the 2021 summer.
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