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Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

“Do you like me? Check yes or no” 

From an early age, we were taught that Valentine’s day is a day for giving cards & candy and making people happy. As we grew up and started to experience love, we shared love notes that put us on cloud nine when our crush checked yes. Now, for many, Valentine’s day is one of the few times a year we take extra efforts to make our special someone happy. These expressions of love vary from person to person, but one thing that seems to always be the same across the board: trying to find that special something that stands out above the rest.  Here at Papel Couture, we take the stress out of gift-giving by offering creative, thoughtful, and customizable items that your love is sure to never forget. Each item brings its own unique flare, like little pieces of art that will have your loved one talking about it for years to come.

Valentine's day Greeting Cards

Nothing is sweeter than receiving a card from the one you love. Don’t go to the grocery store and share those feelings with another cookie-cutter card. With our custom cut cards, you will be giving them a romantic, unique, and memorable expression of love that will tell them they deserve the best.

Valentine's Day Pop-Up Cards

With so many ways to show your love, consider giving your sweetheart something that doubles as a piece of art. Our pop up cards offer a sophisticated and beautiful way to show you care and allow them to display that love for all to see. 

Valentine Gatefold Cards

Planning a special evening for your partner? We offer several items that can help make it romantic, unique, and special. From a charming way to invite your love to dinner or dress up the menu and give the dinner a five star restaurant feel. Our gatefold cards can bring an enchanting and romantic feel to any occasion.

Valentine's Day Gift Envelopes

Your significant other hard to shop for? Are they always just buying what they want when they want it?  Instead of gifting things, why not gift them an experience? Buy that certificate/card for that experience and suit them up in these intricate and beautiful gift holders. These are sure to give your gift that extra touch of love.

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Celebrate with Sweet Tabletop Confetti

Valentines Day isn’t the only day to show your love. With tabletop confetti, you can add that personal touch of love to a variety of special occasions. Bring a smile to someone’s face and leave a unique impression.

Get Creative with Valentine Stencils

Feeling crafty & creative? Homemade gifts are often the ones people cherish the most, let us help make these even more special. From cards, home decor, sign making and more… no matter the project our stencils will help elevate your expression of love. 

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Romantic Business Card Blanks

First impressions are everything when it comes to networking. These blank business cards are a perfect gift for those in your life that have unique jobs, special events, or occasions where a normal business card just doesn’t cut it. Show your love and support by giving them a gift that will keep on giving; allowing them to add their personal touch and flair to help their business stand out.

Custom Valentine's Day Gifts and Greeting Cards

It is always a great feeling to see your loved ones’ joy and smile as they open a gift from you. Along with this feeling that you want to give there is a bit of added pressure to make sure the gift we give is perfect.  Let us helps you out by providing you with customized, unique, and memorable gifts and greeting cards that will leave a lasting impression. Share in that feeling as you give your special someone a loving greeting card, an endearing pop-up card, or that added level of romance to a special evening or occasion. 

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss