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Graduation is Just Around the Corner

June is fast approaching and all those senior’s out there are preparing for thier next step in life after graduating highschool. Befor they rush off to college or thier career’s why not through your child a graduation party that will give them a fun, unique, and memorable send-off?

Let PapelCouture help make your event special. We offer a variety of laser-cut and custom invitations and other elements that give your event a splash of elegance. Make your child’s graduation party unique and special, just like them. We offer a wide variety of custom and pre-made designs to help turn any event into a special one.

Check Out Some Unique Custom Fun Designs

Custom Designs

Papel Couture provides custom laser cutting services to Designers, Event Organizers, Printers, Die-Cutters, Ad Agencies, Corporations, Fine Artists, and even Individuals. We make it easy to include beautiful laser-cut details on any project.
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Wall Designs

Our custom laser-cut Tyvek® wall decor floral design backgrounds the perfect accent for any room. Help bring your theme together with these unique floral-designed wall hanging becoming the focal point for the event. Perfect for photo opportunities to give your guest memories that will last.
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Invitation Cards

The Invitation Card Grande is a custom design, large size, invitation that can be used for your wedding, event, or other special occasions. Make a bold statement with the largest, premium paper laser-cut invitation card on the market.
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